Our New Campaign: I’m the Loca, I’m a Maniac

This collection is inspired by stereotypes that we wanted to transform and give them another meaning, a meaning with which we feel comfortable, with which we identify, not what it means for those who see us from the sidelines.

For SHNR, the most important thing is to believe in what we are and in this case we proudly want to shout from the rooftops that we are crazy, those crazy people who dare, who take risks, who feel, who do not regret it, crazy dreamers, who They are not afraid of falling, they are not afraid of success, we are the crazy people we want to be.

It is curious how society tries to stigmatize women when they do something different, when they go out of the social pattern, of what is stipulated by a group of people who do nothing more than repeat what others say without delving a little deeper into the fact that doing things differently should be synonymous with courage, power, independence.

How nice it would be for society to applaud and give value to what is different, to what is genuine, that a woman be given value for who she is, for her struggle and not for her appearance or for what the eyes of she want to see.

I’m the loca is a tribute to bilingual Latin women, who can often feel that they are neither from here nor from there, but that in her veins runs that little flame of an unrestrained, happy woman, without limits. I'm the crazy, it's you, it's them, it's me, we are all of us who get out of the mold, those who want to experiment, those who don't need anyone's approval to do what we are passionate about. We are free women, crazy happy and full of pride for who we are.

I'm a Maniac is the most universal version of this capsule. I'm a maniac is the result of what it means to be a woman who goes for what she wants, without asking permission, without giving explanations and without caring what others say. I'm a Maniac is the translation of what we want to be as women, a maniac of our dreams, of our desires, of our tastes, crazy women deranged by what we are passionate about, without rules, without questions, only with a focal point in mind: to achieve what we have set out to do.

And now the question is, what do you consider yourself a maniac about? What is it that drives you crazy?