The Power Of The Word

Over time, the word has had an incredible role in society.
For centuries the word meant everything, it was a verbal contract, it was the truth, it meant true commitment. 
It was about literally giving one's life for what was said or promised.
Later on, the word was replaced by official written contracts or documents where such a commitment was made somewhat "official" and public.
However, beyond all those formalisms, the power of the word surpasses any paper, any signature, any document.
The word is power. It’s the substantiation of our thoughts, it’s an energy that manages to move our own feelings and the feelings of others. 
For better or for worse, it allows you to express what only you, and only you, have in mind. 
The idea with which you identify yourself. It's that unique train of thoughts that allows you to tell your reality and thus connects you with those who align with it.

With the word you can help, heal, and grow, but you can also destroy, hurt, and break.

She Has No Rules® believes in the importance of expressing ourselves and articulating our very own messages. 
It's about having the freedom to say what we think and believe as women.
Every time we say something we are leaving a mark, we’re launching a long-range projectile, a very powerful weapon.

Staying silent is not an option
However, it’s our choice to choose the right words to communicate exactly what we intend to.  Being direct, concise, clear, specific, and fearless is a sign that we know what we want.
After all, there is no rule that allows anyone else to speak for us.

In our role as a brand, we constantly include in our clothes -and in our communication in general- words that identify us. 
Words we feel comfortable with. Words in which we believe and have a special connection.

Our brand philosophy is to encourage more women to feel free, be themselves, discover and unleash their essence, but also lean on others whenever they feel like it. 
That’s why everything we think and say, every word we use is fully intended to make that inner and outer connection, with that value that we carry inside, which unites us with another woman. Our self-belief gives us freedom and makes us grow.

The brand's invitation is to use that power, to believe every word that goes through our minds and mouths. As it has an effect on our lives. 
It’s our decision what kind of words we allow ourselves to believe in, hear and dare to say.