The reason why SHNR doesn't want to be a tribe.

Our community is the most valuable human asset SHNR can ever count on. That’s why is important to keep generating channels that bring and keep us closer. Channels that foster friendship and make us sidekicks for good. Direct touchpoints help us strengthen a community where we’re all equal, where we all have an opinion, where our self-worth is valued and recognized; where there are "no rules", of course, and no ranges whatsoever. 

That's the reason why SHNR does not see this community of unruled women as a tribe -because in the tribes the members follow a chief, and they obey a superior.  At SHNR, there is no boss, no hierarchies, and no owner of the truth. Each one of us has a word to say. Each one of us is our own boss. Rebels with their own cause and drive.  

Yes, we’re all free, we all have our very own opinions, and we all rule with no external rules but our own. We only obey our instincts, yet we all listen to each other as we’re one for all and all for one. Like musketeers! What we seek is to thrive, support each other, and learn from what other women like us have achieved so far. Show and tell our successful experiences and the not-so-great ones, from which we grow too. 

SHNR relates to your essence; particularly to the way you think, feel, and want to keep things to yourself or rather want to express out loud. 

We relate to that sort of individuality and freedom.  All that without ever feeling ashamed, afraid, or judged. We encourage every member of our community, and every woman, to feel free to be themselves, regardless of what others think, say, or think.

Beyond giving this community a specific name or defining ourselves as "something", the importance of this SHNR community lies in sharing interests that allow us to move forward. We're all brave women who believe in genuineness as the starting point to liberate our essence. That essence makes us unique, motivates us to believe in ourselves, and moves us away from prototypes and outer expectations intended to rule over our individuality, uniqueness, and originality. 

Let's be this or that. Let's be whatever we want.  

Let's be us, let's be "together". Let’s believe, create, fly, fall, build and rebuild ourselves... but always from what we are as women, not from what others expect us to be. It's "No Rules" for a reason. But most importantly, for a purpose.  

Let no one have rules on us. Let no one dictate what we should be.  

Let no one tell us what is right and what is wrong. Each one of us has the right to choose for ourselves.   

At SHNR, we don’t allow ourselves to be imposed, nor do we want to impose on anyone to do, believe, or follow something. 

We're far from becoming a tribe as that's precisely what we don't want to be in the first place. 

We don’t want to lead or be led. We just want to be and let be.