• Women's Love with a Smiley ;)

    Some of you who've been with us ever since SHNR was born have witnessed the evolution of our brand. It has been a process of successes, failure...
  • Our New Campaign: I’m the Loca, I’m a Maniac

    It is curious how society tries to stigmatize women when they do something different, when they go out of the social pattern, of what is stipulated by a group of people who do nothing more than repeat what others say without delving a little deeper into the fact that doing things differently should be synonymous with courage, power, independence.
  • The reason why SHNR doesn't want to be a tribe.

    Our community is the most valuable human asset SHNR can ever count on. That’s why is important to keep generating channels that bring and keep us ...
  • The Power Of The Word

    Our brand philosophy is to encourage more women to feel free, be themselves, discover and unleash their essence, but also lean on others whenever they feel like it.