About Us

A brand for Rebels with a Cause

She Has No Rules® was born out of the need for self-regard and self-respect. I simply wanted to believe in myself once again, trusting my own potential as I used to. And by coming up with SHNR, I felt that it was the much-needed self-challenge I was longing for to prove myself right.

I was then ready to put prejudices aside, along with social rules I no longer felt forced to abide by. I was ready to regain control of my life, go back to my essence, and do whatever I feel like doing. And SHNR is a manifestation of all that.

She Has No Rules™ is the answer I came up with to self-express while getting myself back.
Should I put on those hipster jeans I used to wear?... That’s not even a question anymore. As long as I want it, I’ll do it. No rules to follow but my inner voice.


What is She Has No Rules®?

She Has No Rules® is a brand for Rebels with a Cause. Women who refuse to accept social, imposed and self-imposed norms, pressures and prejudices, which end up impeding our emotional, personal and even professional development.

Our cause is rooted in the right to express ourselves in the way that makes us feel most comfortable; without thinking about third-party approval. Free and liberated. True to ourselves. To our essence. Period. Not even full stop and go. Period.

Is She Has No Rules® a cause? 

She Has No Rules® goes with a peaceful but firm lifestyle. We are a brand for girls who already have their cause, so there is no need to create one. We are affiliated with all those women who recognize themselves for who they are, what they want and can do... with those who are the way they are, without filters... those who see the opportunity to stand out with their individuality, without value prejudices neither gender, nor pressures of anything. Without being accountable to anyone but themselves.

What does She Has No Rules® believe in?  

We believe in breaking social rules that do nothing for women to achieve their dreams.

We believe in the inner strength of women. In their innate abilities. In their judgment, resistance, and rebellion of their own. We believe in that.

We believe that it’s possible to be rebellious with a cause. We believe in freedom, self-expression, acting from what the heart dictates us, not based on somebody else’s reasons. We believe that we can still achieve what we wanted to do so much 10 or 15 years ago, and we put aside for fear of what people will say, for not feeling secure at the time, or for whatever it was.

We believe in those who dare to start from scratch, and in those who say enough.
We support the woman who doesn’t want to get married and the one who wants to remarry.

If the cause frees us and makes us feel better about ourselves, then we believe in that cause.

No rules apply to those women who want to reclaim what it’s rightfully theirs: Themselves.

Our symbols:  

The heart represents the love for what we do and the passion we put into every moment of our life.

The female symbol represents our essence as women. The feminine power that drives us to achieve what we want.
This union results in ‘Loving our essence’.