Women's Love with a Smiley ;)

Some of you who've been with us ever since SHNR was born have witnessed the evolution of our brand. It has been a process of successes, failures, learnings and even frustrations in some cases. We have not gone through anything different from what any venture goes through when it starts. Our whole journey has been wonderful, especially the learning part of it. Ouch! Sometimes it hurts a lot, yet it prepares us to face the next challenge. So those hard lessons along the way are always welcome!

Some elements we introduced soon after launching SHNR were the symbols: the heart and the female symbols. We even created some products with them and they became our flagship as they, when combined, express the meaning and purpose of our brand: love for who we are, love for being women, and love for our very own essence.

These symbols have never been officially part of our logo, but somehow they've helped us to convey what we believe in. That is why we feel a great affection for what they represent. They've accompanied us from the beginning.

So we wanted to pay tribute to them and evolve their meaning and graphic style a bit further. Now our symbols not only speak for self-love but they also convey happiness. Yes, yes, yes! Loving ourselves brings out happiness from within.


Hence, they are now fully integrated into a happy face with eyes of self-love. All together as one symbol.

We're super excited to present this evolution which took us a lot of work to define. It also prompted many doubts about whether it was the right time to do it. These things don't happen overnight. Some ideas just lodge in our heads and stay in there for a long time, kind of maturing, while some others materialize rather sooner. Ultimately, the transformation of our symbols has been a process that we pondered and questioned a lot as they visually convey our core set of beliefs. Every step we take at SHNR, is always taken in a responsible and thorough way.

Today, we have no doubt that this evolution was the right decision. From now on, we want to make our "happy face" visible and show it to the world with pride and love.

This symbol means happy love for ourselves. It stands for joy and inclusion. It's empowering.


It winks at us every time we wear it.